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It's time for some writing prompts! Craft a story that highlights a powerful female lead character. You can make this a nonfiction story and write about...

In March, we highlighted some amazing books that featured strong females throughout history as a way to celebrate Women’s History Month. From queens to women at the forefront of science and discovery, these women made remarkable history and also paved the way for more women to come behind them and be empowered and successful in their reach for more. But it seems we may have forgotten to include some writing prompts!

So now, we turn the pen (or keyboard) over to you! Craft a story that highlights a powerful female lead character. You can make this a nonfiction story and write about yourself or another strong woman you know. You can also make this a fiction piece. The only necessary item to include is a female character reader will want to cheer for!

Here’s the prompt:

Write a short story about a woman who overcame an obstacle or situation that felt impossible to her. How did the process change her?

Tips for Fiction and Nonfiction

If you’re pulling inspiration from real life, think back to moments in life where you had to rise up and wade through a difficult time or where you overcame certain obstacles. The best stories are the most unexpected stories. So, maybe skip the story where you won a trophy and dig a little deeper.

For a fiction story, the sky is truly the limit. You can create your own universe, a story about a queen in a far-off land, a woman who started with nothing and built her dream business. All you need to get started is a brave female protagonist to guide your story.

If you write a story with this writing prompt, let us know in the comments! Interested in other writing prompts? Search writing prompts on our blog.

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