Visions from God are worth publishing for the world to see

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VisionsWhen visions occur in a person’s life, they can be an experience as simple as seeing a future event before it happens to visions that change the course of a person’s existence.

Visions from God, especially those manifesting heaven and/or hell, can be revelations that will incite spiritual change within a person, possibly towards salvation and a relationship with the Heavenly Father.

Celebrating that life-changing vision within the pages of a published testimony is one that can be meaningful, and also effective, in communicating to readers the importance of a connection with Jesus. However, understandably expressing this experience can be one that may cause a reader to feel more “guess you had to be there” than “that changed my life”.

Xulon Press does not, in any way, want to tell authors how to write significant visions that happened in their lives, but we would like to provide some basic suggestions to make the visions as powerful to readers as it was to the authors.

First off, if you, the author, were called by another name outside of your given name in the vision, introduce both names together in the same sentence to familiarize readers to the new name in the vision. After that, so not to confuse readers, only refer to the vision name when someone in the vision calls you by that name or if you call yourself that name.

Secondly, let the details fly as you capture the fullness of the vision in vivid description. However, keep in mind your audience and their mindsets towards the illustrative aspects of your vision. Explain every unique detail that may not be a common occurrence on Earth, so all readers can start recognizing how extraordinary the experience was.

A great resource for writing about visions is the Bible itself, as Abraham, Moses and Daniel are among many examples of people who had visions from God. Their experiences written in the Bible could help you to see the benefits of expressing visions in understandable statements.

Finally, don’t leave out mentions of special, unique feelings that you recall during the vision or any inner monologue you may have thought as the experience happened. Including your personal thoughts and feelings will give the vision a human perspective during the supernatural event.

It is also important to keep in mind the ages of those reading your book, and if language, violence and/or sexual situations are part of your vision, please be mild in description of these attributes in respect of readers.

Visions from God are worth publishing for the world to see; so let your writing fingers fly as you detail this unbelievable event in your life for others to read.


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