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Finding good writing isn’t hard, but finding a regular publication you can rely on can be. That's why we’ve compiled a list of great resources for your w...

Finding good writing isn’t hard, but finding a regular publication you can rely on can be. A publication that delivers high-quality writing and expert writing tips. Of course, the internet is full of tips for writers. But magazines and various publications that focus on creative living and writing help, for all types of writing situations, shouldn’t be overlooked.

To help you find new inspiration for the year, we’ve compiled a list of great resources. You’ll often find these at your favorite store or can subscribe to have them delivered straight to your home.

New England Review

This publication always includes works of poetry, nonfiction, and fiction and the editors aim to focus on emerging voices. The editors spent a lot of time reading unsolicited submissions, which allows them to choose the stories that truly speak to them. If you’re looking to read and learn from new writers, this is a great publication for you.


Published by Emerson College, this publication comes out quarterly and fiction, nonfiction, and poetry can be found within the pages of each issue. Plus, new writing is published daily on the Ploughshares blog. If you’re wanting to immerse yourself in high-quality literary works, add this journal to your reading list.

Poets & Writers

Covering all types of writing, this magazine focuses more on writing as a lifestyle, often includes interesting pieces about famous authors, can help you find an agent or offer up writing prompts, as well as writing contests and more.

The Paris Review

The goal of this magazine is to feature creative works, interviews, letters, and essays, as well as photography and art. This publication has been around for decades and continues to be one of the most talked-about publications in the industry.

The Writer

From writing help to writing inspiration to getting published and everything in between, The Writer is the magazine for writers who want to do something with their writing. If you subscribe to one magazine on this entire list, make it this one.

Writer’s Digest

This publication is another workhorse, so to speak, because it provides valuable information about writing, publishing, editing your own writing, the business of publishing and so much more. Plus, they offer online classes if you want to improve your writing with the help of a professional.


Comment below what books, magazines, or websites bring inspiration to your writing!

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