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One of the best ways to capture the experience of summer is in freewriting. Here's a list of some creative summer writing prompts...

It’s the first day of June, which means the countdown to the first day of summer has officially begun! One of the best ways to capture the experience of summer is in freewriting. To help you get your creative juices flowing, here’s a list of some creative summer writing prompts:

1. Write about one of your favorite places to visit during the summer at that place.

Whether it’s the beach, a pool, or a park, write on-site about what you’re seeing and feeling in as much detail as you can.

2. Write a dialogue scene that takes place in the summer.

Imagine a conversation taking place in a typical summer setting and write about it. This scene may just inspire you to write a story.

3. Write a sensory-detailed explanation about a summer day.

Close your eyes and create a scene. Add as much sensory detail as you can to the vision and write about it.

4. People watch and write about it.

Visit a public place and freewrite whatever comes to your mind. What do you notice happening? Y0u can even try creating backstories about the people you are observing.

5. Think about a summer activity you do not enjoy and write as if it is something you love to do.

Writing about something negative in a positive light is always a nice way to see the good in those things. You can also try this is in reverse and write about something you enjoy doing as if you hate it.

Grab a notebook or your laptop and see if any of these summer writing prompts to inspire you. When summer ends, you can read back on those summer days you wrote about.  Don’t forget to share this blog post if you enjoyed any of these summer writing prompts!

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