How to Set Realistic Intentions for 2021

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By creating an intention we make the active choice to experience a specific journey for the year. An example of creating an intention for a year would be...

By creating an intention, we make the active choice to experience a specific type of day or a specific journey for the year. A simple example of creating an intention for the day is saying, “I’m going to have a great day.” And an example of creating an intention for a year would be “I’m going to find a new hobby I enjoy” or “I’m going to write my book in 2021.”

With a brand new year insight, and what feels like a never-ending pandemic, most of us are probably feeling one of two ways about resolutions for 2021. One camp of us is beyond excited for a chance to wipe the slate clean and reach for huge goals after sitting still most of this year. Then, there is the second camp—still drained and completely worn out from 2020, and lacking the inspiration to set any lofty resolutions for the new year. To be honest with you, I’m a little bit on both sides. So, I’ve been doing some reading about goal-setting versus creating intentions, and this year I think I’m going the intentions route.

Just like New Year’s resolutions and goal-setting, however, it’s helpful to break intentions down into smaller, more actionable pieces. These small steps toward big achievements will be how we follow through on our intentions for the entire year.

Breaking it down.

If you’re planning any large goals or intentions this year and want to be sure you follow through with them in 2021, try breaking them down like this:

  • Yearly intentions
  • Half-year intentions
  • Monthly intentions
  • Weekly intentions
  • Daily intentions

Yearly Intentions.

Start by thinking about the yearly intentions you want to set for yourself. These will be big picture and require smaller intentions to reach them. Those smaller intentions will break out into your half-year, monthly, weekly and daily intentions. A few examples of yearly intentions would be:

  • I’m going to write my book this year.
  • I’m going to create a stronger bond with my spouse/significant other.
  • This year, I’m going to devote more energy to quality family time.
  • In 2021, I want to spend more time in nature.

Half-year intentions.

For half-year intentions, decide how you can break up your yearly intentions into six-month intentions. For example:

  • I‘m going to have X chapters written of my manuscript in six months.
  • My spouse/significant other and I are going to take a trip together within six months.
  • As a family, we are going to fulfill X bucket list items by June 30. (Be sure to write out your family bucket list and place it somewhere everyone can see it.)
  • For the next six months, I’m going to find ways to work nature into my routine.

Monthly intentions.

Now, take your half-year intentions and reduce them to even smaller tasks. These will become your monthly intentions. If you want to see a new habit become routine, research says this can take up to 30 days of including it in your daily routine. Set some monthly intentions like:

  • This month, I’m going to plot out my novel and develop my characters.
  • My spouse/significant other and I will have a least one date night each week this month.
  • Once a week, we are going to do a family movie night.
  • This month, I’m going to go on three, 5-mile hikes.

Weekly intentions.

Sundays are a great day of the week to set your weekly intentions. This intention-setting time can be a mix of setting your full week intentions, as well as planning out some daily intentions. Some weekly intentions could be: 

  • This week, I’m going to spend four hours in the library working on research for my book.
  • My spouse/significant other and I will have a date night on Wednesday.
  • At dinner every night this week, I’m going to focus on asking each member of my family about their day.
  • This week, I’m going to get outdoors twice.

Daily intentions.

Your daily intentions will be the smallest and easiest to achieve the intentions you set for yourself. Daily intentions will reflect on your larger plans for the longer planning periods above. Some daily intentions may be:

  • Today, I am going to write 400 words for my novel.
  • Tonight, my spouse/significant other are going to enjoy our quality time together with no distractions.
  • I’m going to tell each member of my family that I love them.
  • At lunch, I’m going to get outside for a walk.

Your daily intentions should be so easy to achieve that you actually make headway on your longer-term intentions without realizing it. By following through on all your smaller intentions, you’ll get to the end of the year having achieved your huge—somewhat overwhelming—goals for the year, too!


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