2020 Gift Guide for Writers

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 If you’re stressed out by the thought of holiday shopping for a writer friend or family member (or need gift ideas for yourself!) you’ve come to the right place--the 2020 Gift Guide for Writers is here! Here are 10 perfect gifts for the writers in your life.

If you’re stressed out by the thought of holiday shopping for a writer friend or family member (or need gift ideas for yourself) you’ve come to the right place–the 2020 Gift Guide for Writers is here!

Here are 10 perfect gifts for the writers in your life.

1. Freewrite typewriter

This typewriter isn’t like the old-school typewriters from the past; this one is a super portable, distraction-free way for writers to put their words on paper. The screen features E-ink, which makes it easy on writers’ eyes while they work because the screen is free from blue light and looks like paper. The device itself can locally save more than one million pages, and Wi-Fi allows for writers’ work to get backed up to the cloud. Plus, the battery life is supposed to be great on the 2nd generation.

To Purchase: Freewrite Typewriter

2. Remarkable tablet

This writing tablet is the perfect combination of technology and analog writing. The display has a paper-like feel and look to it, which is great for taking notes and reviewing documents. The technology-side of the Remarkable is that handwritten notes can be converted to text, all notes can be synced across a person’s devices, and more.

To Purchase: Remarkable Tablet

3. Blue-light-blocking glasses

We all spend way too much time staring at our screens these days, but writers spend even more time staring at the blinking cursor on their blue-lit screens, so protect their eyes from straining during the wee hours of the night with some blue-light-blocking glasses.

To Purchase: Warby Parker Blue-light blocking glasses

4. May Designs gift card

One of my all-time favorite notebook and stationery companies is May Designs because of their whimsical designs and customized notebooks that meet everyone’s individual needs. Plus, May Designs has been featured on Good Morning America’s gift guide segment the past few years, so you know it’s a good product. Gift the writer in your life with a gift card to May Designs so they can create their own custom notebook.

To Purchase: May Designs

5. Audible subscription

It’s safe to say that the writers in your life also love to read, and these days audiobooks make it easier than ever to read a book while running errands or doing chores around the house. A gifted Audible subscription can be sent in monthly increments, making it easy to stick to your budget and also give someone a really nice gift.

To Purchase: Audible Subscription

6. Indoor plant

Adding a little greenery to someone’s desk not only helps clean the air they breathe, but a live plant is also said to be a mood booster. A small, indoor plant like a snake plant or pothos plant is great because neither requires much care at all. Both can survive on low light and a little bit of water here and there.

To Purchase: Indoor plants

7. Multi-functional desk

Recent studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time can be bad for our health, and no one sits more than a writer who is focused on finishing a manuscript. Give them the gift of a convertible desk, which allows them an easy way to change from sitting to standing in seconds. An upgraded desk is an item most writers often don’t purchase for themselves, so you’d be doing them—and their health—a huge favor.

To Purchase: Ikea Convertible Desk

8. Ergonomic desk chair

Something else writers often won’t purchase for themselves but know they need is an ergonomic and comfortable desk chair. Having the right chair to support the body in all the right places goes a long way in helping prevent or reduce back pain, especially for those long nights of writing.

To Purchase: WireCutter’s top-rated office chairs

9. Scrivener

The Scrivener app is one of the best-rated apps because of the features it provides. From outlining a manuscript, to rearranging chapters with a few button clicks, and more, this app allows writers to do it all. The writer who is lucky enough to receive this gift will wonder how they survived so long without it.

To Purchase: Scrivener

10. Subscription to Writer’s Digest

One of the best ways for writers to expand their writing skill set is to continue their writing education. One simple way to do that is with a subscription to Writer’s Digest. Between the magazine and their website, writers have plenty of education, tips, and tricks at their fingertips.

To Purchase: Writer’s Digest subscription


If you really want to hit a gift home-run, purchase an editorial service for the writer in your life, so one of our professional editors can help polish their manuscript before it goes to print!


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