10 Ways to Become a Better Reader

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It’s the perfect time of year to spend more time reading. Here are 10 ways you can become a better reader: 1. Set aside a designated time to read somewhe...

Now that summer is upon us, it’s the perfect time of year to spend more time reading, and becoming a better reader isn’t just about reading more books. Focusing on bettering your reading skill is about identifying the types of books you do and don’t like to read, learning not to force yourself to read books you know you won’t like, and finding ways to socialize in a way that involves books, such as book clubs and #bookstagram on social media.

Here are 10 ways you can become a better reader:


1. Set aside a designated time to read something you want to read.

From work emails to news articles, we practically spend all our time reading these days, but it’s never anything we truly want to read. So, be sure to leave time in your schedule to read what you like.

2. Decide which genre you most enjoy reading.

When you find a genre you enjoy reading most, you’ll naturally find yourself wanting to read more. Be sure to mix up your genre every now and then though, so you can expand your knowledge.

3. Don’t force yourself to finish.

If you aren’t enjoying a book, it can feel like punishment to finish it. Don’t force yourself to read books you don’t like for the sake of saying you read it.

4. Keep a reading list handy.

To keep up your reading pace, make sure you have a book waiting for you as soon as you finish a book. This will keep you in the habit of reading. You could start to form a “To Be Read” pile or you could keep a running list of books you want to read, so next time you go to the bookstore or library, you can choose another book from your list.

5. Use a highlighter or add comments to the margins.

This tip is most helpful for nonfiction books. To help you process and retain information better, leave yourself notes on the pages of your book or highlight specific passages that have meaning for you.

6. Keep a reading journal.

When you finish a book, add it to a reading journal. You can note the title, author name, your personal rating of the book, and your overall opinion or summary. You’ll have a good idea of just how many books you read in a given time. Plus, if a friend asks for a book recommendation, you can turn to your reading journal to find something that may interest them.

7. Try audiobooks.

Reading a book has to be a solitary hobby, meaning it’s not one you can multi-task. That’s where audiobooks come in handy. Maybe your only time to read a book is also the only time you have to fold a load of laundry. Listening to an audiobook allows you to do both.

8. Join a book club.

A book club is a great opportunity to make reading books more social. And those group discussions will help you retain information from books better, but they will also open you up to differing opinions your fellow readers may have.

9. It doesn’t have to be a book at all.

Reading the newspaper, a magazine, or any other form of writing will all make you a better reader. So, don’t feel pressured to just read books. But I still don’t recommend counting work emails as reading.

10. Set a daily page count you want to read.

Test your reading limits by setting a daily page count you want to read. As that goal becomes easy to achieve, set a new page count goal to keep yourself motivated.


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