How to Effectively Overcome Writer’s Block

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The inevitable has happened, you’ve hit a road block in your writing. Writer’s block happens to everyone; you’re not alone!

Check out these effective and simple ways to combat that stuck feeling and help you find your writing groove.

Go For a Walk

Give your eyes a break from the screen and take a short walk around outside. The fresh air will help clear your mind, giving you a chance to step away from the story and come back fueled by new ideas. You writer’s block will be no match for your refreshed mind!

Write Through the Block

For some, the best way to overcome writer’s block is to simply write-through it. Give yourself a goal whether it’s to finish a paragraph or chapter, and continue working on it until you accomplish your goal. You’ll feel so confident knowing you defeated your writer’s block, that you’ll be able to beat it the next time it comes around.

Listen to Music

If you write in silence sometimes the quiet can be overwhelming. Too much quietness for your mind to wander. Play some classical music or other instrumental music like jazz, or any music that you enjoy. The subtle tunes playing in the background will help you drift into the zone and give you new energy to conquer writer’s block.

Brain Dump

If you’re feeling extra frustrated, walk away from your computer, grab a pen and paper or a journal and start free-writing everything on your mind. Sometimes when we focus so much on one thing for a long time, we’re unaware we’re functioning on autopilot. Taking time to do a brain dump, and write about absolutely everything and anything on your mind can help you clear your mind and reset your focus.

Start Moving

There’s always the option to get on your feet, get your heart pumping and blood flowing. Find the exercise that’s best for you, maybe it’s jogging, hula-hooping or jump roping. Whatever it is, have fun with it! After 5 to 10 minutes of cardio, you’ll feel energized and ready to tackle writer’s block.

Take a Prayer Pause

Sometimes, you just need to clear your mind and one of the best ways to do that is through prayer. The power of prayer is relaxing and healing. Asking for guidance can help you shake off negative thoughts and frustrations and help you feel renewed and ready to overcome the writer’s block.



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