5 Tips for Writing Christmas Letters

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With most of the world still practicing social distancing, Christmas letters are the way to go this year. Try these tips to spice up yours ...

With most of the world still practicing social distancing, Christmas letters, cards, or emails are the way to go this year. Looking for ways to spice up the same-old, typical Christmas greeting? Try these tips for a sparkling holiday letter.

1. Begin on a positive note.

Make sure your Christmas letters start with a cheerful bang, not the common statement about how quick the year has gone by. Even a typical “Holiday greetings from the Blank family!” is a better opener than the traditional cry about the passage of time.

2. Keep it short and sweet.

Keep your Christmas letter short, sweet, and to the point! Highlight a couple of highpoints of the year and save the details for a personal lunch date or phone call.

3. Write it how you speak it.

Forget the big words, congested sentences, and overflowing adjectives–write your Christmas letter in your own voice. Friends and family want to hear from you

4. Include photos.

If you mention an event in your letter, find one or two great shots from that day to share! 

5. Add a personal touch.

Try handwriting a brief note and signature for your Christmas letter. A personal touch will create a perfect closing to your letter.

Have any tips of your own? Share them in the comments below!


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