Hello, My Name Is: How a Great Intro Will Chart Your Book’s Path.

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Why Writing an Introduction Helps Chart Your Book’s Path.

Imagine you have a map in front of you, but for some reason there is no starting point to lead your journey in the right direction.

The same sentiment can be felt when you read a manuscript that doesn’t have a Preface/Introduction/Prologue section to briefly explain to readers the purpose of the book; it gives a fifty-fifty shot to readers of whether they will understand the book’s purpose within the first few pages or not at all.

So, what better way to begin your book “on the right foot” than by creating an engaging and informative introduction to heighten readers’ interest for your book—while also clearly stating its premise?

It is not mandatory to have an introduction, but it is a great way for all your readers to be at the same starting point on your book’s “map” before beginning the first chapter. When writing an introduction, remember what the definition of an introduction is to briefly state what the book is about and what readers are to gain in lessons or insight from reading it. You don’t have to give a long, drawn-out explanation of your book when a few well-crafted sentences will suffice.

If you are writing a fictional manuscript, decide how much of the storyline (plot, characters, major conflict) you want to expose. Your goal is to hook readers, without giving so much away that they don’t finish the book. Shape the introduction as that of an “elevator speech” for a job interview: in the time of an elevator ride (or first couple of pages in the manuscript), tell readers all that they need to know about the book without giving away the ending.

Writing a book is like that of traversing a trail toward a destination, so begin your journey in the right direction for you and your readers with an introduction that lights the path ahead for your manuscript.

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