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In 2014, the most helpful feedback that the editorial department received from our authors was that they wished they could have received more in-depth feedback on their manuscripts prior to going into editing and production. The manuscript review was of course helpful, but it wasn’t the thorough read-through and analyzation of a book’s content, structure, characterization, and so forth, like many authors may desire to receive. While some authors are fine with a short overview and review of their book, there are some that truly want to improve their book, have their strengths identified in detail as well as their areas of improvement with examples and written directions and coaching, and even meet with the editor who read and reviewed their manuscript.

So, the editorial department has listened to our authors and has now begun offering them what they have told us they want: a detailed review of their manuscript that we have named “the Critique.” Not only will the Critique include at least four written pages of dissection and analysis of a manuscript, but there is also an option to add on a coaching session with the editor who wrote the Critique, either in person (should the author be close) or over the phone. (Please note that the coaching session is only available for those that purchase the Critique service, and is not available to purchase with the existing one-page manuscript review.)

We’ve put together a list of possible questions that may come up regarding the Critique service. Please read them below, and if you have any questions yourself, feel free to leave a comment to be answered below.

1. How much does the critique cost?

For a nonfiction book, the cost is $699. For a fiction book, the cost is $799. Both are eligible for a $99 coaching add-on.

2. What is the difference between the existing manuscript review and critique?

The critique is more in-depth and will offer at least four pages of analysis, where the review only offers one page. The critique will include a 1000-word sample edit, where the review includes a 500-word sample edit. The critique permits the editor to read the entire book, where the review does not.

3. What types of things can I expect to be analyzed within my nonfiction critique?

  • Showing, not telling.
  • “Hook” that grabs readers’ attention
  • Target audience
  • Overall organization of material
  • Elements of consistency
  • Content tactfulness

4. What types of things can I expect to be analyzed within my fiction critique?

  • Story arc
  • Characterization
  • Character development
  • Necessary vs. unnecessary scenes
  • Plot
  • Content as a whole
  • Showing, not telling.

5. I have a lot of questions about my critique. Can I talk to the editor?

Yes, you can make an appointment for a 30-minute phone or in-person meeting for an additional $99.

6. I’m not happy with my manuscript review. Can I upgrade to a critique and pay the difference?

You can upgrade to a critique, but since a different person will be reading your manuscript, we cannot offer this service paid as a difference.

7. Is there a rush service available for the critique?

We will do our best to accommodate a rush request, but there are no guarantees that the turn-around time on a critique can be shortened.

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Taylor Graham comes to Xulon’s editorial team with over five years of experience writing, editing, and proofreading. Prior to joining Xulon, she worked as a freelance writer and editor, a copywriter for NBC Universal, and an advertising rater for Google. She is most passionate about the written word, the great state of California, and the Be the Match National Marrow Donor Program.

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  1. avatar Della Curtis says:

    Hi, I did not notice a mention in this Q&A of your turn around time for the critique? I apologize if you did, I could have missed it.

  2. avatar David ZRobles says:

    Mine is a Christian, non-fiction book. Testifies about real life experiences involving the Holy Spirit’s intervention in His capacity as Counselor, Estimate is 66 chapters / testimonials, most of them miracles; about 150 to 200 pages long, The book can only be understood by a new born Christian, well-versed in Biblical Scriptures. Questions:

    – Will cost change due to number of pages to be reviewed and topic?

    – Can you assure me that the reviewer would meet criteria described, above? This would ensure a better comprehension of material contained therein?

    Yes, I am interested in writing style comments, etc., but content needs to be understood to ensure sound, holistic critique.



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