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Spinning in your own wheel

In a world full of words, it’s easy to find yourself recycling, rewinding and reinventing the same wheel time and time again. When we immerse ourselves in our own writing routine, our own wheel so to speak, that’s when we are most likely to produce something we’ve already created before. So, how do we find our way out? How do we produce content that will fulfill our readers, exceed our own expectations, and deliver the message we are called to write? Collaborate, that’s how.

You can’t grow as a writer without the help and guidance of other writers. Think about it. Why do we have editors? Their main job is not to catch our typos, although we are thankful they do! Their job is to ensure our work translates to our readers in the ways we dreamt it would. Many of us know, the first couple of drafts don’t always translate.

Collaborating with creators creates creativity. Say that three times fast.

Collaborate to elevate

When we immerse ourselves in something other than our own writing, we begin to see the ways we can improve. Sometimes this means attending a writers workshop. Sometimes this means listening to a lecture on writing processes. Other times it is understanding the way a book takes form. Either way, if we don’t expose ourselves to the thoughts and processes of those who have gone before us we are doing ourselves a disservice.

Say it once more, collaborating with creators creates creativity. So, are you ready to amplify your writing?  If so, now is YOUR time. There is an upcoming writers workshop and conference where you can collaborate, network and immerse yourself in all things writing, with people who share your same values.

Xulon Press is hosting their very first Amplify Writing Conference on June 8th-9th. The two day conference is overflowing with workshops, networking, lectures, breakout sessions and even one-on-ones with some of their speakers. From editing to marketing, from an idea to a final draft, this conference is covering all the bases for Christian authors.

Click here for more information about our writers workshop, the Amplify Writing Conference!

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