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5 Infographics That Every Writer Should See

Infographics for writers

You have just hit the dreaded writer’s block, and you need a break. Maybe you need to inspire your writing or renew your message—or you just don’t know if you should use an adjective or an adverb in your last sentence. In any case, you will find yourself searching the furthest reaches of the Internet for something to fill up your writing bucket that has run dry.

As visual (and sometimes impatient) creatures, writers need quick inspiration to nourish those sparks of creativity. Infographics have fit this need perfectly because they are filled with concise, focused information. The flood of infographics aimed at writers has kept me glued to my screen, and here are the ones you absolutely must see when you are writing anything.


  • How to Self-Edit Your Writing

I know, I know—it feels almost impossible to edit your own writing. You are so entrenched in your message that is it hard to pinpoint what works and what should fall victim to the delete button. The website New Novel has compiled eight tips to help you out.

Infographics for writers

  • Know Your Dashes

All of that typography can be confusing—is it a hyphen, en-dash, or em-dash? Writers Write shares their quick and scannable guide to these unsung heroes of interesting sentence structure.

Infographics for writers

  • Change Passive Voice to Active Voice

This one isn’t the most fun or lighthearted, but it will make your writing sound infinitely more professional and dynamic. Offering multiple examples of how to revise passive sentences to active ones, this infographic will make sure you finally understand those comments your editor left in your margins.

Infographics for writers

  • Twenty-Nine Ways to Stay Creative

It is hard to pump all of your creativity into something and feel drained by the end. How do you renew your resources? Here are some unique ways to stay creative.


Infographics for writers

  • Writers’ Voice

Daniela Uslan has compiled twenty quotations from authors about how they found their writing voices. Some are quirky, some are abstract, but all of them are gems of introspection.

Infographics for writers

Each of these infographics has something different to offer, so the next time you feel like procrastinating, take a closer look at each of these and at least learn something to take back to your writing.


With experience as an English literature teacher and freelance writer, Elaine brings her knack for revision to the editorial team. She started at the University of Central Florida in 2005, and she holds degrees in English Literature and Language Arts Education with an additional minor in writing. As a parenting blogger, she enjoys writing about her adventures with her toddler daughter and husband as they take advantage of living where the rest of the world vacations.

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  1. Thanks for the helpful writing tips; however, I could not read the passive voice to active voice info. Is there somewhere I can find a clearer copy.

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