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Pastor/Author Bob Franquiz talks about Xulon and the importance of a publishing partner

Pastor and Author Bob Franquiz “I have this belief: every Pastor should write. Pastors research most topics more than the average writer. We preach on subjects for years and have a depth of knowledge that most would love to have before they begin writing a book. Bottom line: Pastors were born to write. When I was writing my first book, I didn’t know what I was doing. So I did everything myself and the process took twice ​as long and cost me twice as much. Seven books later, I realize the importance of a publishing partner to take your writing to the next level.  As you write your first book, you need a partner like Xulon Press. They will save you from many of the  headaches and heartaches associated with publishing. These guys care about your message and your success as a writer. They believe writers have a message to share. This incredible team wants to help you get that message out of your head and onto the written page. I wish I had them in my corner when I was getting started; you’ll be glad you have them in yours.”

Bob Franquiz
Senior Pastor, Calvary Fellowship
Founder, Church Ninja
Author, Pull: Making your Church Magnetic

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About Bob Franquiz

Bob Franquiz is the Founding and Senior Pastor of Calvary Fellowship in Miami, FL. Bob is also the founder of, an organization that provides training and resources to Pastors and Church Leaders. He is the author of seven books, including Pull: Making your Church Magnetic and Begin: First Steps for the Journey of Faith. Prior to entering Pastoral ministry, Bob played guitar for Christian Hardcore band Strongarm; a band that has been called one of the best Christian Metal bands of all time. Pastor Bob also served as the dean of Calvary Chapel Bible College in South Florida. Most importantly, Bob considers his greatest achievement as being married to his “just out of high school” sweetheart, Carey, for the last 16 years. Together, they have three beautiful children, Mia, Alexander and Olivia.

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  1. I am very excited to write my 1st book. Every time the publisher that has been assigned to me sends an advertisement about the publishing specials I don’t seem to have the money I need but I am going to call her today and get the bottom line figure of what I need to get started because GOD has provided whatever I need through a dear friend and Associate Pastor. So thanks for the encouragement and who knows one day soon maybe we can share our stories face to face! God bless and keep writing. Randy Michael

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