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What Does “Manuscript Review” Really Mean?

Xulon Press Editorial Services, Manuscript ReviewYour friendly neighborhood Xulon Press editors really want you to get the most out of the Manuscript Review service, so we decided to give you more details about it. Whether you are still thinking about becoming a Xulon Press author or you have recently purchased a publishing package, we hope this breakdown will help you get the full benefits of the service.

There are four parts to the Manuscript Review. The first is the General Overview in which the editor expresses what he or she understands the purpose and message of the book to be. The next section covers the strengths of the manuscript: those aspects that were particularly well written, that make the book stand out and that give the book value for the price readers will pay. The next is a summary of what could be improved to make the message clearer and enhance the reading experience. Lastly, the editor completes a 500-word sample of the Xulon Press editorial service that the manuscript would most benefit from.

Certain information that would enable us to complete the most comprehensive review of a book is often left out of the manuscript file, or the file itself is not in the best condition for a review. Here are some pointers to consider before you send in your file:

1. Don’t send a PDF. We can best demonstrate how your book could be improved or polished if we are able to complete a Sample Edit on your manuscript. Since PDFs cannot be edited, we strongly encourage every author to do the necessary to submit a Microsoft Word file.

2. Don’t send your first draft. From time to time we get manuscripts with missing paragraphs or chapters, typos that seem to be the result of cutting and pasting, a book with no title page, Introduction or Prologue, etc. This makes it difficult to decipher the author’s message and offer a constructive critique of the work. When you type the last sentence of your book, wait a week and then read the whole thing over again, making changes as necessary. Make sure all the information mentioned above is included so we know as much as possible about what you intend to be the final product.

3. Do send all the content in one file. There is no need to create a separate file for the Introduction, the Appendices or even the back cover text you would like to use. If it’s in one file, the editor can see all the elements of the bigger picture. Having a complete view fully enables us to offer authors the services and recommendations that best fit their books.

4. Do feel free to ask us for clarification on our feedback. We are here for you! Sometimes a short chat on the phone makes all the difference and we love to connect with our authors so we can make sure you have everything you need. That is what being part of the Xulon family is all about.

Happy writing!


Vanessa Correa is a Staff Editor at Xulon Press with a total of 10 years of publishing experience in diverse industries including journalism, academic publishing, social media and more. She is a native New Yorker and alumnus of the M.S. Publishing program at New York University. Her passion is translation—her family is from Puerto Rico and her aim is to ensure our authors receive the same high quality services for Spanish books, press releases and other materials as they do in English.

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  1. I am still light years away from a manuscript, but this was very helpful and will be filed for future reference.

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