Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight Jackie Carpenter
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Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight: Jackie Carpenter

The Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight focuses today on one of the most passionate authors I have had the pleasure to interview, Jackie Carpenter, www.bridgetoamiracle.com, the author of “The Bridge” and “Georgia Justice”. Her books tell the true life story of Jackie and her family as they dealt with a “miracle come true” in a courtroom as her son Jason stood trial for a murder that he did not commit. The reader of her books can sense this mother’s passion as she did the one thing that made the most difference in her child’s life: Mama prayed. Jackie’s story is being brought to screen in a movie, currently in post production, called “A Cry For Justice”. The movie trailer can be viewed at www.acryforjusticemovie.com, produced by the same production company, Triple Horse Studio, who brought us “Courageous”. Take a moment to check out the trailer.

Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight Jackie Carpenter

While speaking with Jackie, I was affected by the passion in the heart of this mother, whose happy life was turned upside down at 7am one morning after receiving a call from her daughter-in-law. She recounts the story in such visual glory that you feel like you are there with her and can “see” the scene unfold before you. Jackie “the storyteller” is a blind man’s dream come true: she illustrates the scene through words that are more powerful than any eye can see. When she speaks of turning a courtroom room bench into an impromptu prayer pew, you can visualize the people joining Jackie on their knees as they had corporate prayer awaiting the verdict. Jackie embodies the old southern saying that “Hell has no greater enemy than… a praying mama!

I asked Jackie what one experience changed the course of her life. She immediately said, “I have great Christian parents, raised in a Southern Baptist church, faithful workers in the church. Both of my sons are pastors. This happened to my son Jason six months after he accepted God’s call on his life.  He led three inmates to the Lord while he was in Pod A. I was only 13 years old and when I accepted Christ. You never know your faith until it is tested. Before this event, I loved Jesus but, like most people, I didn’t read my bible. It was placed on the shelf until church. I knew I loved the Lord, but I was playing church. When my world was rocked at 7am that morning, June 27th, 2008, the faith that I had was weak faith. I remember calling my son at 10:12 pm the night before, while he was watching his construction site for suspected copper fixture theft – I asked him to go home. He said that the deputy had promised that he would help, if needed. I prayed that Jesus would be with Jason in those woods. God spoke to me and said “your son is not alone on those woods.” After all this happened, I asked God, “You said you were there. But where were you?” He assured me that He was with me during the tortuous path ahead. God knew the path ahead. I didn’t, but He did!”

When I asked Jackie to share her writing method, she explained “I am not a writer but God told me to write a book. There was a revival in that courtroom. There was a miracle that took place. God had to get us down to nothing so that we could know it was nothing man did. It was all God. God asked me “What was the worst? What was the best?” God told me to write it down. Then He asked, “What was the bridge between the two?” It was Psalm 91. I was using this psalm to keep my family alive. God was speaking to me to look at Psalm 91. God said “let’s start writing.” He started dictating minute details. He brought it all back to my memory. I couldn’t write on my own. I wrote when I heard His Voice. Then He would stop for a few days. Then days later, the voice came back. I would start writing again…until the voice stopped. Then all of a sudden, the voice said “the end.

Jackie didn’t know what to do next. She didn’t know what to do with this collection of words she had just written. She talked with a young pastor named Adam. He told her that there was an evangelist who came through town often who had written books for Xulon Press. Jackie continued “That evangelist gave me Xulon’s number. I called author rep Tracy Sullivan, who gave me the steps to get started. With a lot of help from Shawn Foust, my editor at Xulon, I was able to write these books! And now they are becoming a movie. All because God had a plan. Listen to His Voice. Write what He says write!

Jackie tells of a challenge she received from someone while writing this book. They asked her “Jackie, what are your credentials for writing this book?” She wrote back and said, “I have no credentials but it was inspired by God and He wrote a best seller!

Her passion for the Lord is contagious and heartfelt, almost palpable. When asked what she would want others to know about her relationship with Christ, she offers “When God tells you to do something—obey and serve. Trust Him at His word. 90% faith will not get you past the brink of your miracle…it takes 100% faith to see the miracle happen! Don’t give up on the brink! Your miracle needs 100% faith! Every mama needs to hear this!”

I had to admit that this father needed to hear it also.

When I questioned her as to what she would want placed on her tombstone, Jackie chuckled and said, “Well done thou good and faithful servant – signed God!”

In closing, Jackie told the story of something she found out from a juror a year after the trial was over. “Apparently, at the same time that I was holding a prayer vigil on that makeshift altar in that courtroom, the foreman in the jury room stopped and said to the jurors, “Before we vote, can we just find a place to pray?” That foreman led a prayer for guidance and direction at the same time I was leading prayer on that pew in that courtroom! God was working on both sides of the Bridge!”

To quote her favorite scripture “He that dwelleth in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty!” One can understand why this has become Jackie’s life scripture.

After hearing her remarkable testimony, I can definitely see “the bridge!”

Find Jackie Carpenter’s books Georgia Justice and The Bridge in the Xulon Press Bookstore.


Alan P. Scaglione is a writer who reflects on the simple contradictions and complexities to living this ”gift from God” called life. He believes that Life is a journey that, with compassion, a little levity and perspective, we help each other get through. His greatest compliment was being told “you draw pictures with your words!” He has devoted his life to “drawing”...in his poetry, his songs, his weekly “Reflections of Life” blog entries, his monthly SAS articles, his short stories and now, his novels! Alan is an everyday guy who refuses to let circumstances dictate his view to life; he lives an attitude of gratitude and spreads his positive outlook everywhere he goes. His BEST day is a day shared making a memory that will last a lifetime! Please check out Alan's books "One Unexpected Event - How Would Your Life Change?" and its sequel “One Unexpected Event - Aftermath!” in the Xulon Press bookstore.

24 Comments on “Xulon Press Successful Author Spotlight: Jackie Carpenter

  1. So many times we forget what it means to be a Christian. Most of us think we know and have all the attire and accessories, but we really have not exercised our “complete Christian”, until we are forced to carry the cross of a Christian. One such cross is that of a mother’s unrelentless faith and love for her son and the knowledge that she had instilled integrity and honesty in him. Through the fire and hailstorms of insurmountable “evidence”, this mother held onto her faith and the only thing she truly knew and believed was ~ “Surely he shall deliver thee from the snare of the fowler, and from the noisome pestilence. He shall cover thee with his feathers, and under his wings shalt thou trust; his truth shall be thy shield and buckler.” Psalm 91: 3.4 I have read both of Jackie Carpenter’s books and I LOVE them both. She is a real mom, who speaks for all parents who must never relinquish their belief and their trust; and know the Faith that our Lord had when He went to that cross for all of us produces Miracles!! Thank you Xulon for recognizing such a wonderful writer and a gracious author, Jackie Carpenter, Woman of God! Well done! Dee Wilkins

  2. Jackie has blessed the people she has shared her story with. Her enthusiasm for life & love for the Lord is so apparent and life changing for those who let it flow over them. I have the privilege of playing the role of Jackie in A Cry for Justice, and what an honor that has been. Your words are so true, Alan, Jackie has such an incredible passion. The more I learn about Jackie, the better it gets! She is my true sister in Christ!

    Read the books, then go and see the movie, you will be blessed!

    PS take a friend or 5!

  3. Wow Alan; thank you so much for this beautiful article. I have cried all day because I know (for this is nothing that I have done, but ALL that HE hast done). We both knew there were 3 of us doing this interview; you, me and God. He only used me as His vessel to write His books, and He has used His Books to make His Movie “A Cry For Justice” and who knows what is next on God’s Agenda. HE is full of surprises! What an awesome God we serve!

  4. Glad to see that Jackie and the blessings that have come from her trial are continuing to spread and affect lives for the better. What a great example of what can happen when we give it over to the One who controls all things in the first place.
    Continued blessings, Jackie. Here’s wishing you nothing but the best.

  5. Amazing how the Lord works. We all get tested and get to the point where we either stay down and get defeated or get up and look up. God has plans for all of us, they were His plans way before we were born, and He will not let us down. The story is a testimony of an awesome woman and young man, as well as the whole family,who’s had to endure such heart aches,and kept their sights on our Lord. I have learned so much from Jackie, and I am so blessed to have had just a small part in this amazing story. I know this movie will be a testimony for everyone who will and has gone through the daily struggles we all face. See it 🙂

  6. Jackie often thanks me for writing and directing the film version of her story. In fact, I’m the one who is grateful every day that I have come to know this amazing woman, her family, and her story. Jackie’s relationship with God is infectious, just like her laugh. Jackie’s story is as hair-raising, heartbreaking, funny, and hopeful as any story I’ve ever encountered, and it is, as a ripple in some miraculous pond, moving ever outward. Get to know this woman, these books, this family, and this film. I promise it will enrich your life as it has mine.

  7. Jackie’s story is amazing. It’s a story of faith that will make you hold your breath as she weaves through the incident and all that follows. Get the books – you’ll be glad you did. The movie will be releasing soon! Can’t wait!

  8. Both books are riveting and each is a ‘quick read.’ Each is powerful and presents life-changing hope for the reader.

    One can become so wholly engrossed that it’s easy to forget that this is not just a ‘story’ but is the true account of a life-and-death tragedy and the courtroom drama that followed.

    I discovered Jackie Carpenter first through her website, read her first book, and invited her to speak at a ministry event. Soon after I began booking her for speaking engagements and media interviews. She and I were both surprised and excited when a TV talk show producer approached us about producing a feature film based on her books.

    We have been humbled and honored to witness God put every piece in place to ‘make the movie happen.’ For Jackie, from ‘day one,’ it’s never been about becoming a best-selling author or seeing herself on TV talk shows or hearing the applause after a speaking engagement or producing a movie for fame and fortune. Jackie’s ministry and her message are to encourage in others’ faith and hope in Jesus Christ. Her sole (and her soul’s) desire is to simply give God the glory for her family’s miracle.

    Read Jackie’s books. Take your whole family to see the film. Your faith will surely be strengthened. … To God be the glory!

  9. I’m a 62 year old believer who found the Lord late in life. One of my goals since I’ve been 18 years old was to be in a movie. God not only gave me my “heart’s desire”, He did so on a project that has his fngerprints all over it. What an honor to play the role of Larry, Jackie’s stalwart husband through the entire ordeal. Beyond meeting an incredible family with an incredible story to tell, the miracles of God associated with the entire project are simply incredible. This is not your ordinary “Christian” film. My prayer is that both beievers and non-believers invest a couple hours of their time to see this incredible movie. I guarantee you will be blessed!

  10. I am so proud to have been a part of this film.. Everyone involved was so great to work with, and Jackie is a wonderful lady and I’m proud to be a part of her and her family’s story… I can’t wait to see how it turned out and with Michael at the helm… It’s bound to be a winner! You guys are awesome!!

  11. Incredibly excited about this book and the soon coming film release for Jackie Carpenter’s story … With hope against hope … the Lord brought this family through a trial that few could ever imagine or could ever endeavor through in the way of survival. The Lord has blessed them for their faith and allegiance to His Word and truth! Never ever give up hope!

  12. Wow! Ms. Jackie and her family are a blessing to this world and my family. The Book Georgia Justice has blessed our church in so many ways. Wow, what a powerfull Testimony. I am also honored to be a part of this amazing film ” A Cry for Justice” I play the role of Reymundo, the man who gets shot and killed. Yes I’m the dead guy! But if there’s one thing I know, is that this movie is about to save millions of lives. Thank you Jackie for your obedience to God!

  13. Jackie Carpenter is an amazing woman who has been willing to share her journey and “God Story” with others, in order that they may come to know Jesus Christ and His love for them.

    As a mother, I cannot imagine the pain and the faith it took to go through what Jackie went through with her son, but I can draw from her words and I am encouraged and inspired to keep believing for healing and restoration for my family, trusting the Lord in all things!

    Jackie’s books and the movie, ” A Cry for Justice” , is a reminder to have faith in the chaos. When you cannot see God’s hands at work, trust his heart!

    Anyone who needs encouragement in the area of trusting God and standing on faith would indeed be blessed by Jackie’s story and this movie. Real people, real life, experiencing a real God!

  14. Jackie Carpenter’s story is truly a triumph of good over evil, right over wrong, and a testimony to all who never give up hope. The movie version, “A Cry For Justice”, will be a not-to-be-missed film, and one you will always remember. Bad thing do happen to good people, but if you keep the faith, and never give up fighting for what you know is true, miracles can happen!

  15. This has all been an expression of God. Jackie, the Veitch family, the book and now the movie. How God has woven everything and everyone into this extended Christian family, brought together by these extraordinary circumstances which continually seem to grow in glorifying Him, is nothing less then miraculous.

    What is to come, can only be expected to be of the God kind. My prayer is that this newly formed bond between people who now seem to have known each other for ever, will hold each other tight and allow this experience of heaven manifesting in a movie/life manner continue to expand in advancing His Kingdom.

    Jackie, please allow God to continue telling His story through your finger tips, and may you always flow in His favor, and to the Veitch family, may His blessings overtake you with great joy added, thanks for remaining His through it all.

  16. Jackie’s story is a continual inspiration of faith for me. Regardless of how things may turn out, this testament shows that unwavering faith in God is the best foundation to manage any circumstance – good or bad. I was heavily blessed to be a part of the portrayal of this story. My part in particular allowed me to portray a side of reality in life – a family that may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time. Regardless of the perspective of this story, God has remained faithful, and those that truly had evil intent in their heart did not win.

    As surreal as this movie will seem – the fact remains that it is a real story. I pray that this will help people have a stronger grasp as far as what faith can do, and that anything can happen at any time – with or without explanation.

  17. An amazing story. A dedicated follower of God. The movie is a true blessing for millions of people. I thought it was a little funny at first that I was cast as “the gigantic inmate” when in my life I was a law enforcement officer of 17 years. Amazing at how this small role changed my life. Learning the story showed me amazing faith and how the simplest of things can impact your life. Much love to Jackie and everyone else involved. Many blessings to come!

  18. Jackie and her family represent God’s vessels of honor that display His existence and His heart. They are living invitations to all to “taste and see that the Lord is good.” From the time I met Jackie at a table read for the film, I knew she was a woman whom God could now trust to carry such a universal message to many. Her riveting books move quickly through a range of emotions and events that paint a true picture of what it means to have genuine faith in God that strengthens through trials. It was a privilege to play the role of Jackie’s real estate attorney and family friend in “A Cry for Justice.” And I am even more richly blessed to share both her “real life” friendship as well as the truth in the message she lives.

  19. I have been tremendously blessed in having the awesome opportunity to be a part of this movie that will change the lives of so many people. I play the role of Judge S. Carroll in the movie which was created from the books that Jackie Carpenter wrote. It was an amazing experience that I will never, ever forget. My experience has taken me to a new level of respect for people who were wrongly convicted of a crime that happened. Kudos to Mrs Carpenter for allowing The Father to use her in such a wonderful way to reach millions of people.

  20. I remember the audition process. I remember the first time I read the screenplay. I also remember the first night of filming. I was undoubtedly the most scared person on that set. The reality of portraying Jason Veitch on the big screen was by far the most challenging role for this comedic actor. Knowing that I was reenacting what one man walked through was often overwhelming. But, when we finally finished production, I realized I had been a part of something bigger than anything I could have imagined. Definitely something bigger than myself. I was a part of a movement (as Jackie so often declared.)

    Our director reminded us every day to make each scene about something other than ourselves. I believe we did just that. This movie means something beautifully unique to every person involved in production. I can only trust it will continue to bless more lives. As for me, my life was transformed through it. I know yours will be too.

  21. In Awe, is the best way for me to describe all that has and is taking place in our lives. I am Jackie’s friend and prayer warrior, Cynthia, in the movie. When I got the E-mail about auditions for the movie, I showed it to my husband and asked him “Should I try?” His response, “Go for it!” I bought and read the books and I was deeply moved by the strength and courage it took for this Mom to believe God for what seemed impossible, BUT GOD!

    Audition day 15 December 2011, standing in line, signing in, getting side, sit down and read the words, “Jamaican dialect.” Wait a minute! “Hot off the presses, Loretta is not from the Islands!” I started to panic, internally a bit. I called my daughter, told her my situation and she said “Mommy, you’ll be fine, pray and go for it!” When my name was called, before going in the young lady that was sitting near the door rubbed my shoulder and said, “You’ll be fine.” Before opening the door I said, “Okay God, it’s You and me.” Went in and that was my first time meeting “Cynthia.” I was surprised to say the least, but I continued with her, until, “Drop the dialect and continue in your normal voice.” Keep Cynthia’s emotions flowing, don’t lose her, keep it moving.

    I am humbled and honored to be a part of such a Awesome production! Jackie thank you for being obedient to write the books, Michael, thank you for seeing “Cynthia” before I could. To all of the cast and crew for “A Cry for Justice” you all Are Wonderful and I am so Grateful that we were Divinely picked to bring Jackie and her family’s message to the world!

  22. I played the role of the foreman that was mentioned in the article. Though a relatively small role in the movie, it is a very significant one. Humanly speaking, I held the fate of Jason Veitch in my hands, but we all know (or will come to know by reading the books and watching the movie) that truly his fate was in the hands of the LORD! The final outcome is truly amazing. God is an expert at the amazing. It is my earnest prayer that many lives will be touched by this story and that they will see what God can do when we trust Him. I am so thankful to be a part this through the film that will be coming out soon. Even getting the part was pretty amazing for me given that I had no film experience at all. Thanks Jackie for telling this story. And thanks Micheal for picking me to be part of this amazing movement!

  23. My name is Lee Adams. I played the role of one of the jurors. All I can saw is WOW! This is a Great film filled with Great performances! The characters are deep and believable and the story will probably have you leaving the theater in tears. Thank you Jackie for your Faith, Courage and determination to tell your story. Thank you Michael for such an excellent job directing this production and choosing me to be a part of this awesome movement.

  24. Hi Jackie

    I am so looking forward to seeing your movie I live here in GA and I pray it is very successful. This is all very exciting I hope it touches many lives.

    God Bless

    Merisa Davis
    Fellow Xulon author &
    Author, “Bill Cosby IS Right”

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